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For those seeking Peer/Anonymous advice
For those of you that find speaking to a counselor directly to be a bit inhibiting, or if you would like the opinions of your fellow peers without fear of reproach please comment here with your questions. Once a list is compiled (We'll go with 5 this time. If there's an interest the number may increase), Claude will post an entry containing your questions without your names. Then he might supply advice of his own, or it will also come from your fellow students and staff.

No question is too ridiculous. Have fun~

Nickname: (Merely for the purpose of differentiating one submitter from another)
Question/Concern/Problem: (Elaborate as much as you feel in necessary.)

That's it!

Oh.. btw. Although no one but Claude can see this thing, it should be noted that he IMPLIES submitting questions is anonymous but it actually isn't. So anon commenting is not enabled. Considering this is apart of his counseling duties, Claude will maintain client confidentiality.